Vita Tells A Tale Of Colombia, One She Says Is The Truth

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Medellin, Colombia lives on in infamy with a violent past, in the shadows of Pablo Escobar’s drug cartel and the worlds longest civil war. This tattered past of the 90s is trying to be improved by a recent influxes of international investments, being voted in 2012 by The Wall Street Journal, “City of the Year”. A questionable title if you ask Vita Osorio Sanmartin a local artist from Medellin, “the city invests more in urban than in schools and hospitals”, this is an unnerving fact for the people from this area.

Vita Osorio Sanmartin is a 28-year-old artist, who strives to help the world remember everyday the history in her city. Her father was killed in the early 90s, when she was just a toddler, two men killed him while stealing the cab he drove. Learning early about the gruesome reality of her surroundings, she depicts in her art what she says is the reality of Colombia, trying to give the people a voice.

Her father is very present in all the work that she does, using old pictures, artifacts and clothing from his past. Vita is appearing on a docuseries called Resilient Cities, this series is about local underground artists from around the world. Vita stating, “that she does not want her art to be pretty, I want to make people feel Colombia’s stories”. Stories of a cities hard past that she does not think is over yet.

Corrupt leadership has a lot to do with the problems facing Colombia. You can always make the outward appearance look presentable with such beautiful surroundings, but if you do not fix the problems from within, things will never change. These problems facing the country can be seen with in her art work. One thing that Vita seems sure about, is the uncertainty and strength of the people but they are “tired of war”. Hopefully this progressive artist will help the climate change for her people and their future.

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