U.S. House of Representatives Recommends Impeaching Clinton - 12/15/1998

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The United States House of Representatives Committee on the Judiciary issues a 265-page report suggesting the impeachment of President Bill Clinton for high wrongdoings and crimes on this day in 1998. 

The impeachment proceedings were the result of the high level of gross misconduct that engulfed the president Clinton administration and the first lady Hilary Clinton. The Clinton family was accused of illegal dealing in Real estate, fundraising violations, and abuse of power after the firing of White House travel agents in order to give the job to a member of their family. In addition, Clinton was involved in a number of extramarital affairs and a lawsuit was filed against him for sexually harassing one of his aides. Kenneth Starr, an independent counsel was assigned to investigate a sexual harassment case of one Paula Jones. 

The investigation led to the uncovering of another sex relationship with a former White House intern by the name Monica Lewinsky. In mid-1998, the news of Lewinsky sex scandal broke to the press but Clinton denied the any kind of relationship with the woman and even used his executive power to revoke when subpoenaed in August 1998. The sexual relationship between Clinton and Lewinsky was confirmed however, his marriage survived the scandal.

The manner at which Clinton handled his issues was somehow frustrating to the House. First, he tried covering up his extramarital affair but later admit the crime and apologized, which provoked the House Republican leaders and made the House pass a Resolution No. 611 on December 15, 1998. The act propelled the immediate impeachment process of high crimes and wrongdoings, including lying and obstruction of justice by the president. The report accused Clinton for hiding proof, giving misdirecting and conflicting testimony and manipulation of witnesses. In addition, majority of the House were of the opinion that Clinton's actions "dented the image of his office." His party leaders likewise condemned Clinton's conduct but preferred to formally rebuke the president than impeachment.  

On December 19, 1998, after several intense arguments, the House of Representatives Predominantly Republicans voted to impeach President Clinton. On January 7, of the following year, the impeachment trial began at the Senate making it the first proceedings of such since the administration of President Andrew Johnson who in 1968, was accused of unlawfully removing the secretary of war from office and violating a number of the Congressional acts. Thus, on February 12, 1999, just like Johnson, President Bill Clinton was cleared.

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