Top 10 Most Famous Queens in History

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Behind every extraordinary man is an even better woman. That is what was highlight today, the top ten women of the Monarch. These women in history have cemented dynasties and improved societies. These leading Royal’s whether infamous or famous, left an impression on their kingdoms, their personalities will live on in history.

The last on the list is number ten, Mary, Queen of Scots, this Scottish Queen took her thrown at 6 days’ old, taking the cake for youthful rulers. Primarily raised in France Mary is famously known for scandal and being executed for those acts. Next on the list is Queen Elizabeth II, coming in at number nine. The Queen is still ruling in the present and is accredited with bringing the British Monarchy into the Twenty First Century. Taking the eighth spot on the list is Maria Therese of Austria, being the only women ruler ever in the Austrian Monarch. Maria Therese is credited with improving military forces, education and commercial development for the economy of Austria.

Moving up the list, Catherine the Great of Russia takes the seventh spot. This once German princess, took over the Royal position in Russia, developing the Russian economy into a more developed society. Sixth is Anne Boleyn of England, a controversial Monarch that fell in love with a powerful King and was executed because of her actions. One of the first royal figures in history Nefertiti of Egypt, comes in as a very powerful ruler in her time, coming in at number five.

Continuing to categorize these historical Royals, Victoria of England comes in at number four. Victoria is considered the Grandmother of Europe, because all of her 9 children married into different Monarchs in Europe. Next, is an infamous player in the French revolution, Marie Antoinette of France, coming in at number three. Known for her controversial views and historical demise. Moving forward, Elizabeth I of England is number two. Elizabeth’s death marked the end of the Tudor dynasty in England, helping to transition an era. The Top Women Royal figure in history is Cleopatra VII, Polemic Queen of Egypt. A powerful woman that was one of the riches in the world at her time, her story has told a more than 2000 years later.

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