Teacher Gives the Gift of Reading, to Rural Villages in Afghanistan.

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In Bayham, Afghanistan education is not top priority, survival for families is first priority. That is why Saber Hosseini rides his bike more than 1 hour to remote villages to to distribute books to the youth, wanting to grant them the ability to learn. A group of children he is speaking with in the video, should be in the 3rd or 4th grade, instead they are helping their families earn money for survival and not attending school.

Hosseini knows these hard facts and wants to be of help. A formally educated teacher, he wants his community’s youth to be able to read and have access to education. Bayham , Afghanistan does not have a classroom where they could even go to learn , this book exchange is the first of its kind. Saber goes to these surrounding towns frequently, and takes notes on what books he has loaned out and exchanges them when the children are done.

Saber’s collection of books was once at 200 copies, spending 200 US dollars of his own money on this collection for the children. Now with his growing popularity, he has had donations of books and his collection has grown to over 3,000 books. Deciding to share his collection with Bayham, he has opened a library where the town can come and read whenever they want. Saber’s dream in the future is to have a school where he can teach. 

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