Sumatran Rhinoceros Has Hope For Living In Indonesia

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An optimistic outlook for a species that at one time was declared extinct in Kalimantan. This took place in March 2016, when a Sumatran rhinoceros was found in East Kalimantan province of Indonesian Borneo. The rare rhinoceros was named Najaq , a celebrated find within the World Wildlife Fund Community. Unfortunately, Najaq was badly wounded and passed away within a month of being found. This was a hard reality to face for wildlife activist they where trying to look at it with a positive.

It is good thing that Najaq was found period, that means scientist have overlooked something when searching for this species in the forests of Borneo. Officially declared extinct in this region in 2015. Only an estimated 100 Sumatran rhinos are left on earth, after further research they have found 15 of this species in the forests of Borneo. Giving the Wildlife Fund Community hope. Now they have found them they need to keep them and allow them to repopulate.

Like many species around the world ,the Sumatran Rhinoceros are being threated by a shrinking habitats. Forests and Jungles are being used to make room for mining, plantations and logging operations. This is not going to stop in Indonesia’s growing economy but World Wildlife Fund Community- Indonesia is going to combat this growth with creating sanctuaries for these animals to thrive.

An example of the wildlife sanctuary they would like to duplicate called Way Kamblas Nations Park, this is a protected area in Sumantran Indonesia that is already home to a number of Sumantran Rhinoceros. Activist are hopefully that many more sanctuaries will be placed all over this region to help preserve this species. At first the Sumantran Rhinoceros had a negative outlook to world and this region, but Najaq gave the hope and excitement needed, that the outcome is not as grim.

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