Prince William Pushes To End The Poaching Crisis With Signatures On A Declaration From 40 Transport Companies!

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Prince William gave the “Poaching Crisis” a major vow of support when he encouraged 40 transport companies to sign and back a declaration that would ensure an end to wild life trafficking and illegal trade. The Prince is an avid animal lover and hopes to ensure the survival of rare species well into the generations of his children.

“If we allow current trends to continue, there will be no African elephants or rhinos left in the wild by the time my daughter, Charlotte, reaches her 25th birthday. The poaching crisis is bringing violence, death and corruption to many vulnerable communities. It threatens to rob future generations of their livelihoods in those regions where wildlife tourism is the core of local economies. But this crisis can be stopped. We know where the animals are that we need to protect. We know where the markets for wildlife products are and where awareness, education, and law enforcement need to be improved.” Duke of Cambridge

The act proposed by Prince William will not only prevent wildlife trade and trafficking, but it will ensure their parts cannot be traded or sold as well. When the animals and parts lose trade value their species is more likely to survive and be disregarded by poachers. The plan was implemented by the United for Wild Life Group and Prince William, who is the president. The efforts aim to work as a “watch dog” group to prevent incidences before they happen and report promptly on any suspicious activity.

Prince William is not alone in his efforts to protect wild life across the globe. Other countries have also joined efforts to prevent illegal trafficking and in addition are now prohibiting the use of animals in live performance. After all, they have rights too! Prince William supports animal rights and is doing what he can to protect and ensure the species of rare species often hunted into extinction. Others who share concern for wildlife but don’t know where to begin can simply share an article such as this one, even if only to build awareness and encourage future supporters.

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