Betty Ferreri Gets Even With Her Husband - 10/26/1948

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On this day in 1948, Betty Ferreri killed her husband Jerry with a cleaver in their home in Los Angeles, California, with help of a by the name Alan Adron. Jerry who was a flirt and an abusive husband brought in a young female guest to have sex with her in their house located in the Hancock Park neighborhood. Betty was angry and threatened to hit Jerry and the woman with a wrench. It was reported that Jerry angrily left the house with the woman, afraid that her violent husband would kill him when he returns; she pleaded Adron to help her. Soon after Jerry returned, he began to drag Betty by her hair in their house and while she was screaming, Adron came to her rescue by shooting her husband twice before the riffle jammed. Although he was not completely dead, however, Betty finished the job by hitting him with a cleaver 23 times on his head before he finally died.

The couple met back in New Jersey in the 1940s, and move to Los Angeles in 1943. However, her parents reject her marrying Jerry who they believed to be an unemployed thief and a spoil brat of a New York politician. In fact, when they moved to Los Angeles, it was Jerry's parent that gave the couple $8000 for the down payment of their $27,000 15-room apartment in the Hancock Park. Jerry hardly work, therefore, she had no choice than to work for $200 per month to take care of their son. All Jerry could do to support his wife was constant beatings.

The problems Betty faced in her matrimonial home goes far beyond the regular beatings. At a time, she was asked to sleep with an auto-mechanic to pay off a bill Jerry owed. After refusing to sleep with the man, Jerry hit head so hard that her eardrum became ruptured. Later, he hit the other ear when he was angry at the doctor's bill and told her "Perhaps the doctor's is going to treat both ears with the price of one." In addition, he bought a puppy for their child as a pet but killed the animal with a baseball hat in the front of the boy during one of his anger moments.

Regardless of the strong evidence that shows the man to be violent and abusive, yet, prosecutors decided to charge Betty and Adron with murder. Standing at trial, she testified that her dead husband was bully, ruthless and a beast that sometimes threatened to kill her. In addition, the defense council wanted to claim that Adon was mentally unstable and not fit to stand trial, however, Adron rejected the claim and hired his own lawyer who argued that Adron was insane at the time of the killing. 

Fortunately, the jury gave their verdict and acquitted Betty and Adron her co-defendant on the account that the state has not been able to prove the charges beyond a reasonable doubt.

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