Auto Industry Maverick John DeLorean Is Born – 1/6/1925

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John DeLorean was born in Detroit, Michigan on January 6th, 1925. He is remembered as being a maverick auto industry executive as well as establishing the DeLorean Motor Company. Although the company produced the model known as the DMC-12, a sports vehicle having gull-wing doors that went upward when opened. Unfortunately, the company lasted up to the early 1980s before going bankrupt. 

Sadly, John DeLorean would eventually be charged in 1982 for trafficking drugs; the prosecution argues that this was an opportunity to come up with the necessary funds in order to save his struggling business. In all, roughly 9,000 DMC-12s were built as the vehicle became sought after as a collector’s item and received a huge boost in popularity as it was used as the famous time-traveling machine in the “Back to the Future” franchise that starred Michael J. Fox.

Beginning in the 1950s, John worked for the Packard Motor Company as an engineer and would eventually relocate to General Motors (GM); this is where DeLorean received recognition with creating the original “muscle car” known as the Pontiac GTO. While many individuals would work hard and later on in life receive a title of recognition, DeLorean was different from the average worker. John did not have to wait long to be noticed as he immediately rose up and through the cooperate ranks at GM where he would become the youngest general manager in the history of the Pontiac division; several years would go by until he earned another achievement which was to become the youngest individual to become the head of Chevrolet. Besides being known for his quick rise to power, DeLorean had acquired the reputation for a lifestyle that was a jet-setter as well as being flashy; another reputation he garnered, although this established him in the business world, as being a successful corporate innovator.

Even though he was doing well, DeLorean wanted more in life and made the decision to resign from GM in 1973 and would later establish a similar company like GM. He was able to raise funds through celebrities such as Sammy Davis Jr. and Johnny Carson as well as acquiring from the British government a huge investment; John was finally able to build a company located in Dunmurry, Ireland. Almost a decade after retiring from GM, DeLorean started to constructing his dream sports car in 1981 known as the DMC-12; the vehicle contained at the time an expensive price-tag of $25,000.

Unfortunately, the company eventually ran into financial difficulties until finally, the British government declared the plant would no longer be operational on October 19th, 1982; the same day would see DeLorean being arrested on charges of drug trafficking in Los Angeles. DeLorean would be approached several months prior by a drug smuggler who would later become a federal informant and would start having multiple discussions regarding an offer that would involve money laundering as well as cocaine smuggling; doing this would mostly keep his business staying afloat. John was insistent throughout the highly publicized trial that the government had set him up. The jury in August of 1984 acquitted him. DeLorean eventually died on March 19th, 2005 from a stroke at the age of 80.

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