A Solar Storm Is Coming!

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Overall, the sun has been a good friend to earth. I mean, without it there would be no life. If the sun were to suddenly disappear, so would we. We try to look the other way when it comes to sun burns and skin cancer. Though the sun mostly uses its power to keep us in alive in a second it could destroy us all if we make it mad. 

The sun is a enormous, plasma launching, fiery beast. Yes, plasma launching, and these blobs of plasma have the same amount of energy as a million nuclear bombs, which are called coronal mass ejections or CME; the sun usually tosses between 1 to 21 a week. Could one of these plasma blasts hit earth? If so you do not have to be a scientist to understand the damage it could cause. Some in the know no longer say “if” as to them it is more of a matter of “when.”

Let’s say the sun decides to get angry and starts hurling magnetized plasma. These CME’s could pack as many as a billion tons of mass. We would be in trouble to say the least. Now these are not the same thing as solar flares, which are bursts of light that can reach earth in minutes. 

In 1859 both a super CME and solar flare hit earth causing the Carrington Event. It surged electricity through all the telegraph wires. Now back then it caused a lot of damage, think about how different the world is since 1859, we no longer have just telegraphs to worry about. Today that same event will cost a trillion dollars in damage. It barely missed in 2012 and there is a 1 out of 10 chance it can hit us within a few years and so scientists are trying to figure out how to prepare for this now. I hope they figure it out fast, a trillion dollars is nothing to scuff at. The sun is not the type of friend to take accountability and pay us back, she has entitlement issues every since sustaining all of life as we know it. 

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